Demand for traditional off-roaders

Eberle told us that even though the trend today is toward electric vehicles, there is still a lot of demand for traditional off-roaders. This is the first dedicated electric model from the company and it’s meant to provide great off-road capability. We drove the prototype to get the real idea of how good it is.

The vehicle gives us a preview of the engineering detail that the brand is considering for the future models, including the recently announced G sub-brand, which is based on the operations of Maybach and AMG. There will a new series of models launched under the G sub-brand, including a fully electric version of the G-Class, which will attract buyers that want extreme off-road performance. So, this prototype, with its high off-road focus, gives a good idea of what’s about to come.

A small team headed by Jurgen Eberle created this electric SUB prototype. Jurgen Eberle is the company’s development engineer, who had a big role in the G500 4×4 that reached its limited production after it was revealed in 2015. He also has a key role in the E-Class All-Terrain 4×4. We wanted to provide the customers with what they want and are not being provided. Their goal was to combine the two in a car and provide both facilities. In short, an electric car that has some serious off-road capability.

The EQC 4×4 receives heavily reworked suspension along with multi-link portal axles, which enables the wheels to sit lower than the axle hubs. The G500 4×4 and E400 All-Terrain 4×4 went through a similar process. But that’s not it, there are several other modifications as well including increased track widths and 20in wheels with 285/50-profile Cooper Zeon tires. It is necessary to keep it compliant with the country’s vehicle registration process. It’s a place where you wouldn’t expect a leather-lined EV, but this is what this vehicle allows you to do.

There are seven driving modes, but our focus was on the Off-Road Plus, the most extreme driving mode. There’s no official announcement regarding the weight and range from the company.